Acetate-Gift Horse
Acetate-Gift Horse
Artist Discography
Acetate-Gift Horse1995
Easter Someday1995
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Dolomite is principally Neil Rosario (x-Red Red Meat, current National Trust) and Rian Murphy (Smog, Royal Trux, Chestnut Station). Their first two ep's on Fiasco were recorded by Steve Albini and are a disonant and dirty water mess. For the Acetate/Gift Horse they cleaned it up a bit and made a beautiful noise that was rife with the ambiguities of some of their past projects. It was beginning to get clearer to them and to others. For Easter Someday the band spent the better part of a year bouncing in and out of studios around Chicago, yet still managed to produce their most cohesive work yet. Easter Someday was an ambitious effort that sounds like Sonic Youth era Crazy Horse and could be subtitled their "Americana" record. A healthy dose of love songs for the dispossessed and an offer of dissonance ofr the disillusioned.

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