The Flexible Entertainer
The Flexible Entertainer
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The Flexible Entertainer2010
High Time Remix2009
High Time2008
Covers EP2007
3D Message2006
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The songs on The Flexible Entertainer were written specifically for a European tour highlighted by an appearance at ATP so Pit Er Pat, the duo of Butchy Fuego and Fay Davis-Jeffers, took a different approach. Writing for a live show, they wanted the energy to stay consistently strong and high throughout the set. It was an experiment in simplicity. Simplicity of instrumentation. MPC, guitar, voice. Two people who wanted to travel light. They added a kick and snare drum for physicality.

Upon return from the tour, the band started recording. As they heard some of the songs, they added more instruments on some, and more vocal harmonies, vocal loops, and things to fill it out and hook it up. But generally, the pieces were as they were in the beginning, with the exception of “Intro” which was made one day in the studio after thinking about a vocal loop that they used to start their sets with.

The end result is The Flexible Entertainer. The album was recorded by Butchy Fuego and Blue Hawaii at Shape Shoppe Studios in Chicago, with additional recording by Butchy at Top Cat International. It was mixed by Butchy at Top Cat Int’l. Dave Cooley mastered it at Elysian Masters and all instruments are played by Butchy and Fay. The instrumentation is electric guitar, synthesizer, voices, kick drum, snare drum, crash cymbal, hi hat, MPC, melodica, conga and cuica.

The new material was mostly recorded live and incorporates electronic and acoustic drums seamlessly. The energy is high and exhilarating. Play it multiple times at high volume for the best listening results.

Since Pit Er Pat’s last release, High Time, Butchy has been playing drums live and/or on record with Boredoms, Matteah Baim, Lucky Dragons, Lichens, NGUZUNGUZU and other musical collaborations in addition to producing/recording/mixing/remixing records with bands such as: These Are Powers, Hecuba, Rainbow Arabia and The Red Krayola.

Pit Er Pat's new album, The Flexible Entertainer, is out now!

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