Walks For Motorists
Walks For Motorists
Artist Discography
Walks For Motorists2015
Glitter Glamour Atrocity2014
So You Are... So You'll Be2013
Abstractions & Mutations2012
Frying on this Rock2012
Oddity II: Night Scene On Mill Mountain2011
Stolen Stars Left for No One2010
White Hills2010
White Hills LP Version2010
Heads on Fire2009
No Kind Ending V.22008

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White Hills are proponents of psychedelia as transformation. The music made by Dave W. and Ego Sensation is risky and cutting edge, rooted in dystopian futurism and hyper-conscious of society’s constant desire for a new and better drug. That progressive aesthetic is at the heart of White Hills’ newest album Walks For Motorists, a radically stripped-down record that emphasizes rhythm and groove. The album bursts forth with a new kind of intensity, one born out of laser-focused precision and detail-oriented songwriting. Possibly surprising to fans familiar with the Hawkwindian guitar squall of earlier albums, the songs on Walks For Motorists began as a keyboard melody or bass line, and several songs on the album don’t even feature guitar at all. This is propulsive, open music, surreal to its core but made to inspire people to get out of their seats and move.

Walks For Motorists was recorded with David Wrench (Caribou, Bear in Heaven, FKA Twigs, Owen Pallet) at Bryn Derwen Recording Studio in Bethesda, Wales which borders the Snowdonia National Forest.The band had 24-hour access to the studio, which allowed them to work whenever inspiration struck. Wrench’s expertise producing and mixing electronic music was an essential asset when perfecting the crisp tones heard throughout the record. This is the first album the band has recorded outside of New York City, and the vast, rolling Welsh landscape that surrounded the studio influenced the album’s uncluttered sound. Walks For Motorists is also White Hills’ most diverse album to date. Fuzzed-out rockers sit comfortably next to kraut-infused grooves, and there are more vocal contributions from Ego than ever before.

White Hills has been developing an entirely new live set focusing on new music, and will be playing many major festivals in 2015, including Roadburn, Primavera, and ATP Iceland. As anyone who has seen the band knows, they can command stages both gargantuan and intimate, and are one of the most legendary live acts in psychedelic rock today. The band’s relentless touring of the US and Europe has gained them a massive grassroots following worldwide, and even more touring is planned throughout 2015.

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White Hills has just released the video for Dead. The video was directed by the group and may cause hallucinations when viewed, watch it here!

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Ego Sensation directed a short film / video flier featuring part of the track “Glacial” for the July 15 show at Don Pedro’s in Brooklyn, Vimeo has it here

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'Frying On This Rock' makes it into The Quietus's Top 50 Records of 2012 so far.

White Hills performs in the new film by Jim Jarmusch, Only Lovers Left Alive, to be released in the US in April 2014

"A new White Hills record is always reason to rejoice... Again they bend the cosmic forces to their will to turn electricity into ferocious rock thunder." - Raven Sings the Blues

White Hills will play Austin Psych Fest and tour the US this Spring. Check out the new video for "Mist".

Scope out the deluxe digital version of White Hills - So You Are... So You'll Be on iTunes. This new edition features the three tracks from Timeless Tracks for Aural Pleasure, a sold out vinyl-only 12" released exclusively through Thrill Jockey mailorder, as well as new artwork and a digital booklet of lyrics and images.

White Hills are doing a few special dates on the east coast with Pink Mountaintops from 7/6-7/10 - including gigs in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Boston.