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LAZER CRYSTAL is a musical node comprised of three humans and various mechanisms. They are from the city of Chicago, Illinois and have thus far released two limited selections on the collectors imprint HBSP-2X. The first "Hot Pink BMX" single was printed in an edition of 300 copies and spray painted by hand, some with custom textile covers. The following "EP1" release was even more unique. Lazer Crystal asked several artists to contribute artwork for another 300 copy limited release. The results were that approximately 50 people contributed designs and every single record ended up with a unique jacket. These were displayed "gallery style" for a special release on Record Store Day. The members of Lazer Crystal are Nicholas Read (electronics & vocals), Josh Johannpeter (percussion), & Mikale De Graff (vocals & electronics). "MCMLXXX" is their first full-length.


Lazer Crystal believes that we as humans are at the extreme promontory of the centuries. The human race has reached the moment where we must open the mysterious shutters of the impossible to seek the unknown. We are moving beyond Time and Space toward the absolute, since we have discovered eternal, omnipresent speed.


1. To create music that reflects this ideal.

2. To present a multi-colored, polyphonic surf of sound and vision, set to the ritual nocturnal vibrations of its arsenal, to be played as an offering of respite.

Lazer Crystal will be on tour in Europe and the UK in the month of May, 2010.

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