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Dancing Underwater

by Freakwater

DANCING UNDER WATER was originally issued on cd only in 1991 on California's Amoeba records. It is Freakwater's second record. Freakwater's core of Janet Beveridge Bean, Catherine Irwin, and Dave Gay were augmented on this recording by John Speigal-dobra banjo, slide guitar and pedal steel and John Floss - additional pedal steel as well as some fancy fiddle work. The record was recorded at Idful Music by Brad Wood who has recorded all their subsequent records. For re-issue the record was remixed by Bundy K Brown. Originally the band had no time to spend on mixing. With the re-issue Freakwater wanted the sound of the record to be closer to the sound of a live performance. The record was re-mastered by Ardent studio's Larry Nix (mastered many of Al Green's Hi recordings).

Dancing Under Water has been out of print for several years, as Amoeba is no longer in operation, and the band was primarily interested in re-issuing this record because of the Irwin originals and the Michael O'Bannon song written for Freakwater - the bitterly sad "Scratches on the Door". If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing Freakwater live then you're probably familiar with "A Song You Could Cry For" but the rarely performed gems like "Blood and Fire" and "Your Goddamn Mouth" are favorites that you are sure to enjoy.

Catherine Irwin-guitar, vocals
Janet Beveridge Bean-guitar, vocals
Dave Gay-bass
Jon Spiegal-dobra, pedal steel